I have been steadily losing weight for about two months now. It may not seem a lot but the average length of my previous attempts was about five days. I would start off eating plenty of fruits and vegetables then get burned out e give up. I had no idea about CICO and i thought i must abdicate from everything i loved to be fit. Or at least eat it very rarely. When i stick long enough to have a cheat day i would binge badly making the excuse that i had eaten well during the week. I hardly ever went back to my diet after that.

When i met this sub and understood that what really matters is calories i immediately downloaded lose it and started counting calories. At first i did like i used to, eating just healthy foods. When the time i usually give up came i realized i could eat what i liked regularly, i just needed to be aware of portion size. And thats how i have been sticking to it ever since. I eat chocolate everyday but in the recommended portion size. I also eat cereals and my favorite yogurt. All things i thought i couldnt if i wanted to lose weight. I even get pizzas and Italian food often. But i always weight everything that goes in my mouth.

Thanks to everyone in this sub and i hope my experience can help someone who is unsure about calorie counting. Im aware its not perceived well by some groups, but it can be a very liberating thing.

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