LeBron and the Cavs are down a game, but will the Celtics make it two on Tuesday night? We’ll be live blogging the action!

Celtics 107, Cavaliers 94 – FINAL

Horford blocks a Hood jumper, and Rozier misses a three. Smart fouls, but Green misses the first free throw … but makes the second. Nader hits a jumper for Boston. Hood then hits one for Cleveland. The game comes to an end, and the Celtics have made a statement!

Celtics 105, Cavaliers 91 – 1:48 4Q:

Horford makes both free throws after James’ third personal foul. Smith misses a three, and Horford gets the rebound. And things are getting very chippy, with Smith and Horford and Smart all getting into it. Smith pushed Horford from behind and he should probably get tossed for that one. They’re taking a long time to make the decision. Both Smith and Smart get technicals after the review. Horford makes a quick layup when play resumes, and Love fouls him, so he’s going to the line. Horford can’t make the free throw, unfortunately, but Boston has their biggest lead of the game with 3:30 to go. Green commits a turnover, and Rozier catches nearly everyone napping going in for a jumper, but James makes a huge block. Tatum then misses a three. He makes a jumper after a Cleveland turnover, and James gets to 42 points after Brown misses a three. Rozier makes a layup, and Cleveland calls a timeout.

Celtics 95, Cavaliers 89 – 4:41 4Q:

Hill misses a three, and after Smart misses a jumper, Hill misses another three. James picks up his second personal foul. Smart misses a three, and James misses a turnaround fade. Missed three from Rozier, and this is getting a bit sloppy. James moves to 34 points with a reverse layup. Smart gets the steal from Green, and we don’t see any points for about a minute, when Brown hits one of his free throws after a Love foul. They exchange turnovers, and Korver misses another three. James also misses a three from way outside. He picks up an assist on a Green layup on the next possession, though. And wow, Horford misses a three, Smart gets the rebound, Tatum misses a shot, Smart gets the rebound and tips it in for an incredible effort. Love gets a dunk, with an assist from James (his 12th of the game). James moves to 40 points after a layup, a free throw and a jumper. Boston takes a timeout as their lead shrinks.

Celtics 88, Cavaliers 77 – 11:14 4Q:

Green fouls right out of the gate, after a Cleveland turnover, and Ojeleye makes both of his free throws. Korver misses a three, and Monroe hits a quick layup. The Cavs call a very quick timeout.

Celtics 84, Cavaliers 77 – END 3Q:

Smart makes a jumper, and James misses another floating jumper. Rozier hits the three after the Smart rebound, and Love gets a personal foul with 12 seconds remaining in the third. Rozier misses a layup, and we’re heading into the final frame!

Celtics 79, Cavaliers 77 – 1:39 3Q:

Love moves to 16 points with points right after the timeout. He then hits a free throw after a Rozier foul. Baynes gets a dunk on the Smart alley oop assist. Smart and Baynes combine for three consecutive misses for the Celtics, but Green misses a three for Cleveland and Baynes manages to put down a three of his own, increasing Boston’s lead. Korver misses a three, and Rozier picks up the rebound. He misses a three, and Love gets the rebound — sinking the three and prompting a Boston timeout.

Celtics 74, Cavaliers 71 – 4:06 3Q:

James makes another three and is up to 30 points on the game. Morris also made a three after the timeout. The Cavs miss three straight shots, while Rozier puts down a three and a jumper, then hits both of his free throws to tie the game with six minutes to go in the quarter. James misses another three. Love gets a three to regain the lead, but Thompson takes a shooting foul — and is screamed at by Morris in the process. Morris made the layup, and makes the free throw to tie up with the very nice score of 69-69. James hits the smoothest floating jumper you’ll ever see, but Smart makes a three to give the Celtics the lead. Smith misses a three for Cleveland and Rozier punctuates it with a dunk for Boston. Cleveland calls at timeout.

Cavaliers 61, Celtics 56 – 8:44 3Q:

The third quarter is underway. Tatum makes the first shot, and is up to 11 points, and JAmes hits a layup shortly after. Love commits a turnover, and Brown dunks it for Boston. Thompson and Love both make buckets, with a Horford missed three in-between. Rozier finds the ned on a finger roll, then Brown makes one too after a Thompson miss. Cleveland takes a timeout!

Cavaliers 55, Celtics 48 – END 2Q:

Brown misses a three to start, and after a miss from Smith, Love manages a putback layup. Monroe is fouled and hits both free throws. Big dunk from Thompson, and James is back on the court. Green makes a three for the Cavs, and James makes one of two free throws. Morris makes a huge dunk after a James turnover. Cavs inbound it with 1.6 seconds left and nothing comes of it. The half comes to an end.

Cavaliers 47, Celtics 38 – 2:48 2Q:

Rozier misses a three, and Love hits a jumper with the James assist. Horford misses a fadeaway, Love pulls down the rebound and feeds it to James, who commits a turnover on a bad pass. We go a full minute before another score, a Love jump shot, then a Love free throw after a Morris foul. Brown misses a three for Boston. Tatum draws his third personal foul. James leaves the court and goes to the locker room after taking a shoulder to the head. Smart hits a pair of free throws, Love misses a couple shots, and the Cavs take a timeout.

Cavaliers 31, Celtics 36 – 5:55 2Q:

Two misses for Baynes to start the second quarter, and Korver picks up his first points of the game with a jumper, then hits his free throw after a Tatum shooting foul. Rozier gets a shooting foul on a pullup jumper, and Hill makes one of two free throws for Cleveland. Horford comes back in, and immediately gets two. Nance misses a wide open alley oop dunk. Korver sinks a three, and James is back on the court. Tatum weaves through a slew of defenders for a layup. Tatum then sinks a three, and Korver moves to 11 points with a jumper and a James assist. Tatum continues his assault, with another jumper of his own. James hits a fadeaway jumper, and Boston takes a timeout.

Cavaliers 27, Celtics 23 – END 1Q:

James misses on a driving layup, but gets his own rebound and tips it in. Brown shoots another three, but this one is a miss. Cleveland gets the rebound, but James can’t hit the turnaround fade, and it leads to a Baynes putback. Green is fouled and Brown makes one of two free throws. Cleveland’s Green misses a three and the quarter comes to an end!

Cavaliers 25, Celtics 20 – 2:05 1Q:

James starts the half with another three, and is up to 11 points with six minutes left in the first. Love gets the assist. Brown responds with a three of his own. Another couple buckets and a three from James, and he’s up to 19 points in the first quarter. Brown is up to 10 points for Boston after a big layup. And then up to 13 with a slick three. After a Smart personal foul, we get another timeout, this one from Boston.

Cavaliers 12, Celtics 10 – 6:46 1Q:

Early turnover from James leads to a Brown three to get the scoring started. Thomson sinks a bucket for the Cavs, then James makes a layup after a Boston bad pass. Brown misses a three for Boston, and Hill makes a layup for Cleveland for the early lead. James sinks a three, and then misses one. Love also misses a three for the Cavs, but then so does Tatum for Boston. Another missed three fromJames, and Horford puts down one from behind the arc for Boston. Cleveland takes an early timeout.

The Boston Celtics looked more prepared for LeBron James than any team has in a very long time when they met the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. They played a complete game, while the Cavaliers’ shaky overall lineup was exposed time and time again in the 108-83 Boston victory.

They will meet Tuesday for Game 2, which is set for 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN (live streaming online via WatchESPN and the ESPN App).

James was minus-32 for the first game. He had 15 points, seven rebounds, and nine assists, but shot 0-for-5 from range and just 5-of-16 from the floor. The Celtics constantly pressured James with just about every defender they had, and it worked beautifully.

Outside of James, all of George Hill, J.R. Smith, and Kyle Korver combined for just 14 total points. The Cavs made just 4-of-26 threes.

Meanwhile, the Celtics got 23 points and eight boards from Jaylen Brown, 21 points and 10 rebounds from Marcus Smith and 20 points, six rebounds, and four assists from Al Horford. Yeah, they were cooking.

The Cavs have survived thus far on the strength of James and the occasional contribution from those around him. It’s hard to imagine them making serious adjustments to prevent what happened in Game 1, but it’s still early.

Below is all you need to know to watch the game on TV and online.

How to watch Cavaliers vs. Celtics Game 2

Date: Tuesday, May 15

Time: 8:30 p.m. ET

Location: TD Garden, Boston


Online Streaming: WatchESPN, ESPN App

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