Okay so for context, I am a 26M, SW/CW: 218, GW: 130(ish). I am using IF and CICO to get to my goal. Fell off the bandwagon for a while and literally just got back to it this past Sunday.

My issue is that the daily calorie goal for losing two pounds a week is different from each of the various platforms I listed in the title. It seems to be the most similar between MFP and TDEE, probably close enough that it doesn’t matter which I use. My Fitbit on the other hand can sometimes be as much as 300-400 calories lower than MFP. It varies day to day.

I’m just not sure which one I should the pay most attention to. I mean, with IF I’m not really stressed about it too much since it’s hard to stuff that many calories in during my eating window as long as I’m not binging on sweets or soda (cut that out completely now, yay!). Just looking for a general guideline here

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