Germany aren’t done yet, but they need help to get out of the World Cup group stage.

Following a loss to open the World Cup, Germany enters the second round of group stage games with some work to do. They need a draw against Sweden to stay alive, but realistically, a win to feel good about their chances to advance to the round of 16. The Germany vs. Sweden highlights and result can be found here.

Here’s the Group F table heading into the match between Germany and Sweden, following Mexico’s victory over South Korea.

Mexico — 6 points, +2 GD
Sweden — 3 points, +1 GD
Germany — 0 points, -1 GD
South Korea — 0 points, -2 GD

If Germany wins, things get weird. That would mean that no one clinches or is eliminated, and all teams have a chance to advance on the final day. If Germany-Sweden ends in a draw, Mexico advances and South Korea is eliminated, with Germany and Sweden’s status going down to the final day. If Sweden wins, both Sweden and Mexico advance, with the last game only being about positioning.

In the event that the group ends with teams even on both points and goal differential, it goes to all the other tiebreakers, which you can read about in our handy tiebreaker guide.

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