I started my journey in June at 168 pounds. I am now at 133.

I wear ethnic wear to college everyday. So that's leggings and a top. Leggings shrink as my body does, tops don't. They just fall weird and need minor/major alterations depending on style.

After donating about 30 tops at the start of my journey, I had 60 left. These were tops that were "too tight", "a little tight" and "just right".

When clothes started looking weird on my body, i.e. too loose to look decent in public, I took in the seams a little and put them back in circulation. I learned to sew because alternating was getting expensive.

The clothes that required alteration beyond my expertise, I kept adding to a "loose" pile.

Yesterday, my "just right" pile just had 9 clothes. Everything else is loose. I just have 9 clothes that fit perfectly (after I have taken them in). There were clothes that I had bought and could not wear EVER because they were too tight. Even those are frikking loose.

Now, I am not an enthusiastic shopper so I have bought a pair of jeans and a few workout clothes in the last 6 months, that's all. I have to do a major revamp of my wardrobe someday. I want a capsule wardrobe so I am not rushing anything.

Bot later today, I am going to make a trip to my tailor to move some favourite clothes back into the just right pile.

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