Hello! Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I have a big ol’ pile of Valentine’s for Runners you can screenshot and share with your favorite runner or running buddy! It’s a free way to give ‘em some virtual love on social media. Consider it a post-run hug without the sweat? And if you want to get someone special a gift or get one for yourself I made a list of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Runners you can get from Amazon in time for February 14th!

Valentine's Day cards memes for Runners instagram (640x457)

I’m not sure if Diego and I are exchanging gifts… we kinda just met! What’s the protocol on time together and exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts??

Puppy Valentine

Valentine’s Day Virtual Cards for Runners

Let’s Do Some Cardio candy heart


Let's do some cardio IG (1)

I love you slow much – sloth Valentine’s Card:

Runner Valentines I love you Slow much IG (1)


Sole Mates candy heart


Sole Mates IG Valentine (1)

I love you slow much – sloth Valentine’s Card:

Don’t Run Away candy heart

Don't Run Away IG Valentine


Love the Run You’re In candy heart


Love the Run you're in (1)


I turtle-y love you Valentine for runners:

Turtle Valentine IG (1)


I donut know what I’d do without you Valentine’s Day Card

Donut know Valentine IG (1)


You give me a heart on Valentine’s Instagram card

give me a heart on Valentine IG (1)


Roses are Red Valentine’s Day Poem for Runners:

roses are red ig (2)


I like you so much – Rest Day Valentine’s Day Card for runners:

Skip my run IG Valentine for runners

Want more?

Check out these Free Valentine’s for Runners print-ables from last time.

Hate Valentine’s Day? Check out these I Have Valentine’s Day Songs

And here’s my list of Valentine’s Gifts for Runners you can get on Amazon fast.



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