It's me!

3.5 years. Keto w/ CICO. Intermittent fasting. (mostly OMAD) Very little exercise.

Supplement vitamin D and salt. Ephedra. Recently started Phentermine.

  • I eat a big salad for dinner every day with lots of green veggies and ranch dressing. For protein I add eggs, chicken, or fish. On days I feel like eating more I cook mixed veggies in butter. No soda for 10 years. I quit drinking alcohol about a year ago and I think that helped a lot. I have coffee with Splenda every morning. I normally drink a diet soda or two every evening with my meal. I try to drink one or two large cups of water per day. When I am not cheating I cook everything I eat, myself.

  • The first 2 years the weight came off pretty easily, but the third year had a lot of stalling and frustration. My biggest challenge was my appetite. I'm constantly looking for anything that will suppress my hunger. Several times I took a week off or a month off and backslid. I had to re-lose 15-20 lbs quite a few times. I recently realized the heavy whipping cream I added to my morning coffee had WAY more calories than I thought (200 calories per serving X 2-5 cups – WOW) and cutting that ended a long stall.

  • 5 years ago my blood work was pre-diabetic with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My recent blood work shows that I have normal blood sugar and cholesterol. I have started a prescription for blood pressure and hope to get off of it eventually.

  • I want to cut something else unhealthy out of my diet and can't decide between artificial sweeteners or dairy. Which should I choose?

  • I still have 40 lbs to lose to reach my final goal. I hope all of you are doing well and keep up the good work. You are all fabulous and have a fantastic day!

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