So I did this for a lot of reasons. I was pre diabetic, had sleep apnea and didnt have good enough insurance for a CPAP machine, no confidence (effected my work and my ability to find a girlfriend) and generally just felt like garbage all the time. I lost the weight, lost the sleep apnea and the diabetic issues, and due to the confidence boost my work has been way better and i am moving cities for a promotion in two weeks. A lot can change in a year. Not to mention girls actually sorta like me now which is kinda rad.

What I didn't realize is how many "FRIENDS" i would lose throughout this journey. I thought everyone would be stoked for me. Couldn't be further from the truth.

Yep. It was amazing how i got less calls as I moved forward with this new lifestyle. And now I am sitting at my apartment on a Saturday night typing this out by myself watching a baseball game because all my "friends" don't give a shit about me anymore. I've reached out, my calls go to voicemail every time, my texts get half assed answers. Honestly im still struggling with it because i've known some of these people my entire life.

One of them (my "best friend" of 15+ years) even told me he misses the "fat candyflip1" because i was way more fun. Was always down to go get a burger or some beers. Always down to go get shit faced at the bars.

Guess hes not really my best friend huh? It sucks. Its really killing me inside. We used to kick it every day. We haven't hung out in 7 or 8 weeks now at least.

I leave in two weeks and I will probably never see these people again and they could not care less. Its fucked up.

My health is more important. My eyesight, ability to sleep, being able to keep all my limbs, not having deadly health problems is more important than partying and eating like shit all the time. I still like to have fun and go out and have some drinks but just not all the damn time. I am still the same person, I just make better choices now.

Just be ready for that shit. People will slowly drop out of your life. I tell myself to not let it bother me but its hard. Moving away will help, I hope I will meet people who have similar values. ill post a progress pic once i figure out how, but this is so much more than the superficial stuff. is the link to my progress pic. Guy on the left was in rough shape and I am doing everything possible to avoid going back

Thanks for hearing me out. I needed a platform where i could vent because this shit is killing me

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