December 2016 I had just gotten out of Navy boot camp. I lost 30 lbs in those 8 weeks, lowering me to 205lbs. Fast forward to December 2017 and I gained nearly 70lbs. With a mix of stress eating, mental health problems, and horrendous sleep I inflated like a balloon.

After December of 2017 my weight gain was not nearly as fast, but the last 50lbs since then has added so much to my size. When I look in a mirror/ take a picture of myself it doesn't look like I'm that big, but when I see a picture that someone else too I can see it unfiltered.

I love working out. It feels so good not only because it's an amazing way to relieve stress, but because getting stronger is an amazing feeling. Eating right is the foundation of my issue. Working out just makes me hungrier. Any self-control I had when I'm not working out is completely gone when I'm at the gym regularly. I want to do keto to hopefully assist in getting the fat out of my liver and then getting on a simple but healthy CICO diet once I get down to the weight I want(the more I look into nutrition the less I know about nutrition so I have no idea what the fuck to do). For the life of me though I can't stick to anything.

The point of this post I guess is to ask this; how do I go from zero self-control to enough to keep me on track? I have the most free schedule anyone could ask for. How do I get my complacent ass to do what I know I need to?

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