Hello!! I ran the OC Half Marathon yesterday and have a ton of fun to share from the race… What are you doing today? Did you race this weekend? Check in on the Run Eat Repeat Instagram now!

I have 13 highlights from my race to share…

oc marathon half marathon results recap

Highlights from the OC Half Marathon:

  1. OC Half Marathon finish time: 2:01:46 average pace – 9:18

  2. Last year my time was 1:45:07 average pace – 8:02 I was a lot slower this year for a few reasons…

  3. Taking time off from running to freeze my eggs last month and the recovery following that.

  4. I’m training for a full marathon – I wanted to add a few miles to the end of the race so I needed to pace myself for more.

  5. I stopped 2 times during the race [explained below]

  6. I ran the race with Kristin @Stuftmama and she is building back up and a lil slower right now [she’s fast but hasn’t run a full marathon in 3 years]

oc marathon half marathon results recap 17.

7.  I live in Orange County and saw a ton of familiar faces!! Love that! Pam (and guest on the RER podcast) ran and it was just her birthday!! I also saw a few Sole Runners… Natalia pacing… Sheila running with Kids Rock and Kelly dressed in the cutest Sparkle gear! 

8.  My first stop during the race was to take a pic with the Star Wars guys!

oc half marathon star wars runners

9.  A few miles later we ran by some houses and I noticed a woman holding a cute lil baby… I thought she looked familiar and told Kristin I think I know her… wait, I think she’s Kate Casey, host of the Kate Casey podcast.

So I insisted we go back to ask. Yep – it was her! Her show is about reality TV if ya wanna check it out. Her website is Love and Knuckles … but if you want to check out the podcast just search her name in your favorite pod app.

10.  After the race Kristin and I didn’t feel like running more – it was getting hot and for some reason we both didn’t feel great. And I was worried Diego should be let out [ I’m going to have to get a pup sitter for long runs and full marathons soon!]. So we went to my place, let Diego out and then ran 2 more miles.

oc marathon half marathon results recap pre race

Starting line:

oc marathon half marathon results recap start line

OC Half Marathon run and done in 2:01:46…

oc marathon half marathon results recap 2 hour finish

I saw Charlotte at the finish line too! She was volunteering at the finish. She’s @ccclbc on the gram.

oc marathon half marathon finish line 1

11. Total mileage for Sunday – 15.6 miles. It was slow, but it’s the first time I’ve ever made myself run extra after a race so I’m proud of myself!!

12. I thought I had never run extra mileage before or after a race but I just remembered I have!! A few years ago I ran the Duxberry Half Marathon with Tina from @carrotsncake – she was training for Boston and needed to run 20 miles for her last long run.

We ran the extra 7 miles before the half marathon. I think that’s the way to go – run it before if you have extra mileage. So I have done that! I’ve added extra miles before just not after (which is 100% the way to go.)

Diego and Medal Monday…

oc marathon half marathon results recap medal monday

13. Want to run a race?

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