Hey everybody!

[SV] I've been huge my entire life. Not just overweight, huge. I was 100lbs in second grade. I was 280 my freshman year of high school. I was 360 when I graduate from undergraduate.

I decided to start the beginning of graduate school. First by cooking and losing weight passively. Lost about 50lb with that tactic in one summer. Then I started to do some weightlifting with some dumbbells because I noticed my legs were disproportionately stronger and bigger than my upperbody. I fell in love with it. Mostly because it wasn't running.

One year later, I bought two year pass for a local gym. It was honestly the ugliest and oldest gym in the area, and I was glad it was. It meant less people with equipment that might not look as pretty, but worked just as well. I accumulated over 460 days in the gym over the last two years and I feel great. Every single fitness trainer has congratulated my on my success in the gym. I'm "one of the regulars" now. Shout out to /r/Fitness for help. I watched Athlean-X and a few other youtubers for help too.

I hover between 215 and 220 right now and intend to stay there for most of the year. I eat more than I used to now. I'm still "obese", but I'm pretty damn happy about my fitness results. https://imgur.com/a/y8yKiFf

[NSV] It feels weird being in my body. I'm used to people avoiding eye contact with me. I've always been a cheery person and it gets me pretty far, but it feels like it gets me further now. I catch people staring at my in the gym. I see people who are at the beginning of their fitness journey looking at me.

I still can't get clothing at the mall, but its for a completely different reason now; I can't get most straight leg pants past my thighs/butt because of my squats and I can't get most dress shirts because I pop top buttons when I move.
Tinder still sucks. Don't expect too many more matches :*|

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