That moment you’ve hit your goal weight is almost the exact feeling as when you’ve won the lottery. That’s it, you’ve done it. You’ve got it all. I never realized how hard it was to lose weight until I actually tried. Many of the days on my journey were a world of pain, especially on the day that I broke my collarbone.

When I went to the ER and the doctor told me that, I figured it was all over. No point in trying anymore and it’s not like anyone really cared to begin with, right? Many of those days after my injury I just sat in my room playing Xbox, just rotting away. I’m not sure what happened, but after a couple weeks there was a voice in the back of my head that told me to quit moping, keep on going and not to stop trying. So I did. I pushed myself at the gym, even with my limitation (I also learned how much you use your collarbone for) and I planned all my meals and followed the CICO diet. I’m not sure how, but I made it through my road to recovery while maintaining the weight loss AND I hit my goal weight. I guess that just goes to show that you just have to keep going.

Once you hit a bump like that in the road you feel like it’s all over and the monumental progress you’ve accomplished has all been for nothing. Except it hasn’t. I just want to tell anyone out there struggling with losing weight that it’s ok to make mistakes and a lot of the time, life happens and there’s nothing you can do to change it. If anyone needs motivation or just someone to talk to, feel free to DM me. Just keep on losing!

Also, here are a couple progress pictures from right after I first started (12/19/18) to today:

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