Skin Care mistakes

Our daily facial care is meant to stay the complexion as flawless as possible. But some care routines do the other. Read here what are the foremost common mistakes. Pimples, dry skin or wrinkles? Many minor flaws are caused by improper care. you ought to never make the subsequent mistakes:

1. “Caring for the skin”

One also speaks of “stewardess disease” when the skin becomes impure thanks to an excessive amount of care and make-up. this will happen if you mix too many various care products with one another wildly or with a just too rich cream with an excessive amount of oil. Treat your skin to a “care and make-up-free day” in between.

2. Care products don’t fit the skin

It is equally important that you simply choose the care products that match your skin type. you’ll have a skin analysis wiped out many pharmacies. for instance, some women over the age of 30 still have a rather impure, oily skin. With an excessive amount of care, you’ll only make things worse. On the opposite hand, if you’ve got dry skin, you would like an upscale cream. in theory, only choose products that are suitable for your skin type.

3. Not enough hygiene

Make-up utensils like brushes or sponges should be cleaned regularly. Because over time, bacteria accumulate on them and cause impure skin. Therefore, make-up sponges or blenders should be cleaned or replaced every fortnight, brushes for blush, eyeshadow or powder every four weeks. Also confirm to disinfect sunglasses and smartphones regularly, because there are plenty of bacteria on them. In addition, you ought to try to not touch your face too often, because there are often bacteria on your hands from different surfaces or from shaking hands. And another thing is vital to stop blemishes: Change your towels regularly, a minimum of every two days and alter your bed every 14 days at the newest. Because bacteria also can collect and multiply within the textiles.

4. nonstick with care

The skin follows a cycle of roughly 28 days. During this point, new skin cells form. that’s why it takes a minimum of as long for a replacement care product to figure properly. Therefore, you ought to not switch to a different preparation impatiently if a replacement cream doesn’t immediately show great results. Too frequent changes only cause skin irritation.

5. you do not postpone your make-up

It is the cardinal mistake par excellence: within the evening, tired, sink into the pillows with half-washed makeup. within the morning you’ve got the salad: blemished skin and broken eyelashes. If you create this error regularly, your skin will age even faster!

6. Exfoliation too often

Exfoliation is great for removing dead skin and making your skin look fresh again. But you should not do this too often, otherwise, it can cause skin irritation. Once every week is enough. Under no circumstances should it’s quite twice every week.

7. Shower too hot

What is such an extended hot shower pleasant and relaxing. But the natural protective film of your skin isn’t good for that. it’s damaged if the temperature is just too high. At the end of the day, this will cause dry skin or maybe eczema. The shower temperature shouldn’t exceed 38 degrees and therefore the shower time shouldn’t exceed five to 10 minutes.

8. Only care for the face

Many women make this error and take bitter revenge in old age: While the face often looks quite young thanks to constant care, the neck and décolleté are wrinkled and dry and show truth age. during this area especially, the skin needs tons of care because it’s very thin and there are hardly any sebaceous glands or subcutaneous fat. Get won’t to taking your neck and décolleté under consideration once you apply a cream or mask.

Photo by Hichem Dahmani on Unsplash


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